Lionel Messi retires from international football at the age of 29 after devastating loss to Chile

Lionel Messi decided to turn his back on Argentina at the age of 29, after missing in a penalty shootout as Argentina lost a fourth major final in nine years. Argentina lost 4-2 on penalties after a 0-0 draw in MetLife Stadium

„For me, the national team is over, I’ve done all I can. It hurts not to be a champion.” He said after being defeated in the Copa America final by Chile.

Three days earlier Messi even wrote about his frustration with the Argentine FA on his Instagram. „What a disaster the AFA are. My god!”.

It looks like Argentina’s fourth major defeat isn’t something that he could cope with as he announced his retirement shortly after the game ended. „I’m taking this decision for me and for the many people who want this. I’ve tried so hard, but I’m leaving without managing it”-Messi said.

Is he coming back?

Fans all over the world are still hoping for him to reflect on his decision and reconsider. Even Sergio Romero, Argentina’s goalkeeper thinks this may have been „a heated decision”.

„I think he spoke while he was heated, because a beautiful opportunity escaped us,” said Romero. „I can’t imagine a national team without Messi.”

When asked if he will wear the national team’s jersey again Messi replied „I don’t think so, I’ve thought about it. Like I said earlier, I tried everything possible to win. And that’s it. It’s four finals lost.”

The Manchester City’s striker also told the South American media that there are several other players who are thinking on not continuing with the national team.

"I really don't know how to explain [the loss]. We tried and did everything we could do and out of the past two finals this has been the toughest one to swallow. I truly don't know what the other players are thinking, but I've never seen anything like what I saw today.”

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